Reliable phone service that grows with your business



All the features you expect, plus voicemail-to-email and call screening included.


We don't publish your name and number unless you ask us to.

Personalized Service

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience possible.

Unlimited calling

Unlimited calling to the US, Canada and Mexico is included.

Works during power outages

We include a backup battery to ensure that you can always make calls.

No credit check

Signing up is quick and easy.


Business POTS

Plain Old Telephone Service

Works with analog phones

Backup battery included for

  service during power outages



$30.00 /line/mo

Business VOIP

Feature-rich Voice over IP Service

Works with VOIP phones



Auto attendant

Much more

$25.00 /line/mo


Frequently asked questions

Will fiber phone service work with my existing phone?

If you have an analog phone, you will need Business POTS service. Business VOIP servcies works with virtually every VOIP phone.

Will fiber phone service work in a power outage?

Yes! Our home phone service includes a backup battery so that you can continue to make phone calls in the event of a power outage.

Can I call 911 with fiber phone service?

Absolutely! If you ever have to call 911, we automatically send your number and location to the operator.

Can I keep my phone numbers?

Yes! Porting your existing phone numbers to Thrive Broadband is free.

Can I make and recieve calls to/from other countries?

Thrive Broadband Business Phone service includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada. By default, calling to/from other countries is blocked. If you would like to make or receive calls to/from other countries, call Thrive Broadband cutsomer support for pricing.

Which calling features are included?

Business POTS phone service includes all of the usual features: call waiting, caller ID, call waiting ID, voicemail, 3-way calling, call forwarding, etc... We also include voicemail-to-email service and call screening free of charge! Business VOIP phone service includes: Auto-attendant Auto-rerouting Multi-site use Caller ID Call Forwarding Call Waiting Call Hold & Transfer Call History Call Parking Find me/follow me Hunt Group Music-on-hold Online management interface Queues Recordings Voicemail/Voicemail-to-email And more!