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Experience the fastest residential speeds on our all-fiber network

Features Overview

Taxes, fees & equipment included

The price you see is the exact price you pay each month - with no hidden charges.

An amazing WiFi experience

We blanket your home in the fastest wifi and even offer mesh extenders.

Fiber (all-the-way) to your home

Our future-proof network continues to deliver the fastest speeds and latency.

Personalized service

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience possible.

No rate hikes

No temporary pricing or surprises on your bill - and you can switch speeds at any time.

No credit check

Signing up is quick and easy.

Unlimited data

Browse and stream as much as you want without worrying about data limits.

Net neutral

We will never create fast lanes or charge extra for visiting popular websites.


Thrive Basic

50 Mbps Download

50 Mbps Upload

Fast web browsing

Stream HD video

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

Thrive Plus

100 Mbps Download

100 Mbps Upload

Stream multiple HD videos

Streaming TV

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

Thrive Pro

200 Mbps Download

200 Mbps Upload

Video conferencing without lag

Connect more devices

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

Upgrade or downgrade whenever you want with month-to-month plans

Thrive Gigabit

1000 Mbps Download

1000 Mbps Upload

Instant web browsing

Connect many devices

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

Thrive Elite

500 Mbps Download

500 Mbps Upload

Stream multiple 4K videos

Online gaming without lag

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

Thrive Max

2000 Mbps Download

2000 Mbps Upload

Connect unlimited devices

Host a family video server

10G Router Included

Auto-pay required


The best internet comes with the best WiFi

Whole-home WiFi Powered by eero®

Walk room-to-room on a FaceTime call, stream your favorite 4K content or download a large work file - all at the same time.


Your wireless router comes with the latest and greatest in home WiFi technology. Plus it's backed by the service and support of Thrive Broadband.

Mesh Extenders Available

If you have a bigger home, you can ensure maximum speeds to every corner with additional eero Pros or eero Beacons available for purchase.

  • What is fiber?
    Fiber optic internet is the fastest way to transmit data. It connects almost all of the internet backbone today and is the future of home connectivity. DSL and cable transmit data with electrical pulses, but fiber transmits data with light across glass fibers. One of the biggest advantages to fiber optic cable is its future upgradability. While technologies like DSL are falling farther and farther behind connectivity needs, fiber is a long-term solution. In the future when speeds need to be upgraded beyond current capabilities, it involves only a simple home equipment replacement, not a cabling replacement.
  • What equipment will I need?
    You won't need any of your own network equipment because we include your wireless router in your service plan.
  • What equipment do you provide?
    All residential internet plans include an ONT (optical network terminal) and a wireless router. The ONT connects to the fiber jack that we install inside your home. It includes one ethernet jack to connect to your wireless router as well as a phone jack for optional phone servi ce. The Plume SuperPod wireless router connects to the ONT. It includes one extra ethernet jack for connecting your devices. It supports tri-band WiFi 6 with 4x4 MU-MIMO, beamforming and mesh networking. Additional pods can be used as mesh extenders. They can connect to the router either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable (preferred). If you want to use your own wireless router, we will provide just an ONT to convert your fiber connection to an ethernet jack.
  • Can I use my own router?
    Yes, however in order to take advantage of the fast speeds that we offer, it is important to use a latest-generation wireless router - like the one that we provide.
  • How does the installation work?
    If you live in a single family home or condo that has already has service installed, your installation will be performed in one quick appointment by a Thrive Broadband technician. In that appointment, the technician will plug in your ONT (optical network teminal) and wireless router. If you live in a single family home or condo that has not yet had service installed, your installation appointment will take about 1-3 hours, depending on your home. In that appointment, a Thrive Broadband technician will work with you to determine the best location for the fiber jack inside your home as well as the wall box on the outside of your home. Once the locations have been selected, the technician will install the wall box, the fiber jack, and the cabling to connect the two. After that appointment, our construction crew will install the cable from the nearest vault or pedestal to the wall box on the side of your home (you won't need to be home for that part). When your service is ready, we schedule a second appointment to setup your ONT (optical network terminal) and wireless router. If you live in an apartment, no installation appointment is necessary! Just give us a call and we can have your internet up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • What are the actual speeds that I can expect?
    You should always be able to use your plan's full speeds- day or night. However, speeds to each device within your home will vary. The best way to get the fastest speeds is to use an ethernet cable to connect to your router. Even when using a wired connection, however, some older or less powerful devices may not be able to use the full speed of your internet connection. You will see more speed variance in devices that are connected via WiFi. The speed that each device is capable of using on WiFi depends on the wireless chipset inside. Newer flagship smartphones and tablets, for instance, can typically achieve download and upload speeds of 300-400 Mbps when they are right next to the wireless router. Older devices may only be capable of speeds of 20-40 Mbps. The farther your devices are from the wireless router, the slower the speed will be. Keep in mind that when you perform a speed test on a device you are testing the speeds to the device, and not the speeds to your home. If a device is unable to use the full speed in your plan, that is okay. You have many devices that all share the speed of your plan simultaneously. If you have any questions about the speed capabilities of your devices, ask your technician or call Thrive Broadband customer support. Finally, it is important to note that because of the limitations of gigabit ethernet ports, customers with our Thrive Gigabit plan should expect to see top speeds of ~900 Mbps.
  • How many mesh extenders do I need?
    The number of mesh extenders you need will depend on the size of your home and the speeds that you want to have throughout your home. Generally, 1-3 bedroom homes need 0-1 mesh extenders depending on the size of the home. 4+ bedroom homes may need 1-2 mesh extenders depending on the size of your home and speed of your plan. Home construction also greatly affects WiFi coverage and performance. Concrete, metal, and stucco walls significantly impact WiFi coverage and speeds.
  • How much do mesh extenders cost?
    There are a variety of mesh extenders available depending on your needs. Pricing ranges form $159 to $229 per extender, and there is no monthly charge. Call customer support to learn more.
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