The best internet for Perry Park East

Currently: 63%

Needed: 80%


Your opportunity awaits

Great news, Perry Park East residents! Thrive Broadband may be bringing extremely fast fiber internet to your neighborhood, but we need your help. In order for us to be able to install in your neighborhood, we need to have at least 80% of residents preordered before we can begin construction.

In addition to faster speeds that allow you to stream music and movies instantly,  fiber internet increases home values as more home buyers expect fast and reliable internet in their new home purchase.

No more rebooting your modem, watching loading bars, or waiting on hold for customer service. Thrive Broadband offers a better experience. And now its even better! We are now offering a free installation option for those that preorder.

Boost property values

Many studies have shown that fiber boosts property values by 3%

Save money

Many customers report saving $100+ after switching (with streaming TV)

Boost home sellability

Many buyers will not even consider a home that does not have fast enough internet


Fiber is the most reliable way to connect... no more rebooting the modem!

Work from Home

With fiber speeds and reliability, you can finally save the drive and work from home 

Fastest speeds

Fiber always offers the fastest possible internet speeds

Great service

Great service from a local company that no big company can match


Fiber is future-proof. You'll never need to upgrade your internet infrastructure again.


About Thrive Broadband

Thrive Broadband delivers personalized next-generation network experiences so our customers can quickly connect to the things they want, need, and love.

Our company was started because we saw that some communities were being under-served by their current internet service providers - not just by their speeds, but also by their service. 

We believe that everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet services with the best service and support possible. 

We love seeing the looks on our customers' faces when they experience lightning-fast fiber broadband for the first time. There's nothing more satisfying for us, than to see our customers thrive.

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We are happy to offer two special installation options for homeowners that preorder service before construction:

1) Free installation with a 15-month term agreement

2) $600 installation with no term agreement

Homeowners that order service after construction starts will have one installation option:

1) $900 installation with no term agreement

Installing a new fiber optic network is a costly undertaking that requires the installation of new cable up and down every street and to every home (that orders service). It is much more efficient for us to perform a home installation while we are constructing the mainline than to send a construction crew back for a single install after the crew has left the neighborhood.

Monthly service cost

You can see all of our service plans here.


Fiber compared to other types of internet connections

There are different ways for you to connect your home to the internet. We'll give an overview of the different types of connections and their advantages and disadvantages.

DSL Internet (Currently available in Perry Park East)

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service allows you to connect to the internet using your existing phone line. Its biggest advantage is that it is widely available thanks to the government subsidies that pushed the construction of phone lines in the late 1900's.


The biggest downside to DSL service is that it is typically a lot slower than other broadband technologies. Available speeds depend on your home's distance from the cabinet that services the neighborhood. Unfortunately, DSL has reached its limit in terms of the speed that it can deliver. It is regarded as a 'legacy technology' that is no longer deployed in new construction. In fact, Verizon and AT&T have been discontinuing DSL service across their service areas and there is strong evidence that CenturyLink is working on doing the same.


Fiber Internet

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is commonly referred to as the gold standard of internet connections. It has earned the title because of its ability to offer much faster speeds at much longer distances.

In addition to speed and reliability, fiber is future-proof for as long as we can tell. Even if typical broadband speeds become 1000 times faster in 20 years, a single existing fiber-optic connection can still support it.


Frequently asked questions

What is fiber?

Fiber optic internet is the fastest way to transmit data. It connects almost all of the internet backbone today and is the future of home connectivity. DSL and cable transmit data with electrical pulses, but fiber transmits data with light across glass fibers. One of the biggest advantages to fiber optic cable is its future upgradability. While technologies like DSL are falling farther and farther behind connectivity needs, fiber is a long-term solution. In the future when speeds need to be upgraded beyond current capabilities, it involves only a simple home equipment replacement, not a cabling replacement.

What equipment will I need?

You won't need any of your own network equipment because we include your wireless router in your service plan.

What equipment do you provide?

All residential internet plans include an ONT (optical network terminal) and a wireless router. We also include a WiFi mesh extender for larger homes requiring additional coverage (at no extra charge). The ONT connects to the fiber jack that we install inside your home. It includes one ethernet jack to connect to your wireless router as well as a phone jack for optional phone servi ce. The wireless router connects to the ONT. It includes an extra ethernet jack for connecting your devices. It supports tri-band 802.11ac wave 2 wireless with 4x4 MU-MIMO and mesh networking. WiFi mesh extenders have an available ethernet jacks to connect to the router or to your devices. They can connect to the router either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable (preferred). If you want to use your own wireless router, we will provide just an ONT to convert your fiber connection to an ethernet jack.

Can I use my own router?

Yes, however we include a wireless router with your service free of charge. Please note that using your own router may not yeild the most optimal experience. Additionally, you will need to contact your router manufacturer if you encounter any issues with your equipment.

How does the installation work?

Your installation appointment will take about 1-3 hours, depending on your home. In that appointment, a Thrive Broadband technician will work with you to determine the best location for the fiber jack inside your home as well as the wall box on the outside of your home. Once the locations have been selected, the technician will install the wall box, the fiber jack, and the cabling to connect the two. After that appointment, our construction crew will install the cable from the nearest vault or pedestal to the wall box on the side of your home (you won't need to be home for that part). When your service is ready, we will drop off or mail your wireless router. Setting up your wireless router is easy, and only takes a few minutes! If you would rather have a technician come and set them up for you, you can schedule an appointment for an additional fee.

What are the actual speeds that I can expect?

You should always be able to use your plan's full speeds- day or night. However, speeds to each device within your home will vary. The best way to get the fastest speeds is to use an ethernet cable to connect to your router. Even when using a wired connection, however, some older or less powerful devices may not be able to use the full speed of your internet connection. You will see more speed variance in devices that are connected via WiFi. The speed that each device is capable of using on WiFi depends on the wireless chipset inside. Newer flagship smartphones and tablets, for instance, can typically achieve download and upload speeds of 300-400 Mbps when they are right next to the wireless router. Older devices may only be capable of speeds of 20-40 Mbps. The farther your devices are from the wireless router, the slower the speed will be. Keep in mind that when you perform a speed test on a device you are testing the speeds to the device, and not the speeds to your home. If a device is unable to use the full speed in your plan, that is okay. You have many devices that all share the speed of your plan simultaneously. if you have any questions about the speed capabilities of your devices, ask your technician or call Thrive Broadband customer support. Finally, it is important to note that because of the limitations of gigabit ethernet ports, customers with our Thrive Gigabit plan should expect to see top speeds of ~900 Mbps.

How do you know that property values will increase?

There have been countless studies conducted to evaluate the effect of high speed fiber internet on home value. Just search Google for 'fiber home value' and see for yourself! The consensus is that fiber internet generally adds around 3.1% to your home value, depending on the neighborhood and market.

Why do you need 80% of the neighborhood to preorder?

Building a new fiber optic network is a costly undertaking that only makes economic sense if a majority of homes in a neighborhood become customers. It requires the installation of miles upon miles of new cabling. It would not be cost effective for us to construct the network without a minim number of customers.

What happens if fiber doesn't come to my neighborhood after I preorder?

If we find that there is not enough demand in your area to build our fiber network, we will contact you and your preorder will be cancelled.

How do I cancel my preorder?

If you have changed your mind after placing a preorder, you can call us at (720) 900-1176 or email us at to cancel your preorder. There is no penalty for canceling.

How can I help ensure that fiber comes to my neighborhood?

Installing a fiber optic network is a costly undertaking that only makes economic sense if a majority of homes in a neighborhood become customers. You can help by chatting with your friends and neighbors and encouraging them to preorder service or to call us if they have any questions.

How much will it cost?

Homes that preorder service will be able to choose from two installation options: 1) Free installation with a 15-month term agreement 2) $600 installation with no term agreement Homes that order service after construction has started will only have one option: 1) $900 installation with no term agreement Monthly service plans can be found here.

Do you offer home phone service?

Yes! Details can be found here.

Do you offer TV service?

We do not offer TV service, however many of our customers are saving $100+ per month by switching to streaming TV. A lot of people confuse streaming TV with video library services like Netflix. For the sake of this discussion, streaming TV is TV service that is nearly identical to your satellite TV service except for the fact that it comes over your iternet connection. There are a number of streaming TV providers out there, most of which offer all of the features that you are used to and then some... live local and national channels, sports channels, on-demand, DVR, multiple TV's, HD, etc... Check out: PlayStation Vue YouTube TV Hulu Live Sling TV Philo FuboTV DirecTV Now The only catch to streaming TV is that you need a fast enough internet connnection to support it. That's why those that switch to Thrive Broadband are abel to save so much money. For more information about streaming TV service, just give us a call!