Faster, more reliable internet is ready for Reserve at Castle Highlands Apartments


Your opportunity awaits

Great news, Reserve at Castle Highlands residents! Thrive Broadband can bring extremely fast fiber internet to your neighborhood, but we need your help. We are waiting for your management company, Mission Rock Residential, to allow us to bring our service to the community. Our service would simply become a second option for residents and not interfere with existing CenturyLink services.

If you are interested in getting better connectivity at your home, let your management know that you want Thrive Broadband.

No more rebooting your modem, watching loading bars, or waiting on hold for customer service. Thrive Broadband offers a better experience.

No up-front cost to you

We have offered to install internet service at no cost to you or the complex

Save money

Many customers report saving $100+ after switching (with streaming TV)

Work from Home

With speed and reliability, you can finally save the drive and work from home 


The most reliable way to connect... no more rebooting the modem!

Great service

Great service from a local company that no big company can match

Amazing wifi included

All plans come with the best wifi included at no additional charge


About Thrive Broadband

Thrive Broadband delivers personalized next-generation network experiences so our customers can quickly connect to the things they want, need, and love.

Our company was started because we saw that some communities were being under-served by their current internet service providers - not just by their speeds, but also by their service. 

We believe that everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet services with the best service and support possible. 

We love seeing the looks on our customers' faces when they experience lightning-fast broadband for the first time. There's nothing more satisfying for us, than to see our customers thrive.

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Thrive Essential

15 Mbps Download

5 Mbps Upload

Fast web browsing

Stream HD video

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

$50.00 /mo

Thrive Plus

100 Mbps Download

50 Mbps Upload

Video conferencing without lag

Connect more devices

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

$100.00 /mo

Thrive Basic

50 Mbps Download

20 Mbps Upload

Stream multiple HD videos

Streaming TV

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

$75.00 /mo

Thrive Pro

200 Mbps Download

100 Mbps Upload

Stream multiple 4K videos

Online gaming without lag

Wireless router included

Auto-pay required

$120.00 /mo


Sign the Petition

Tell the management of Reserve at Castle Highlands that you want another option for internet service.

Thanks for signing the petition!


Do you have questions or need help? You can also order sign the petition by calling 720-900-1176.


Frequently asked questions

What equipment will I need?

You won't need any of your own network equipment because we include your wireless router in your service plan.

Can I use my own router?

Yes, however we include a wireless router with your service free of charge. Please note that using your own router may not yeild the most optimal experience. Additionally, you will need to contact your router manufacturer if you encounter any issues with your equipment.

How does the installation work?

Your installation appointment will take about 1 hour. In that appointment, a Thrive Broadband technician will install your router and wifi equipment.

What are the actual speeds that I can expect?

You should always be able to use your plan's full speeds- day or night. However, speeds to each device within your home will vary. The best way to get the fastest speeds is to use an ethernet cable to connect to your router. Even when using a wired connection, however, some older or less powerful devices may not be able to use the full speed of your internet connection. You will see more speed variance in devices that are connected via WiFi. The speed that each device is capable of using on WiFi depends on the wireless chipset inside. Older devices may only be capable of speeds of 20-40 Mbps. The farther your devices are from the wireless router, the slower the speed will be. Keep in mind that when you perform a speed test on a device you are testing the speeds to the device, and not the speeds to your home. If a device is unable to use the full speed in your plan, that is okay. You have many devices that all share the speed of your plan simultaneously. if you have any questions about the speed capabilities of your devices, ask your technician or call Thrive Broadband customer support.

How can I help ensure that fiber comes to my community?

We want to bring our network to your community, but we need permission from the property management company. You can help by chatting with your friends and neighbors and encouraging them to sign the petition and talk to your management company.

How much will it cost?

There is no up-front cost to you, the apartment complex, or the management company. We offer four service plans for your apartment complex. All pricing includes taxes, fees and equipment: -15/5 Mbps- $50.00/mo -50/20 Mbps- $75.00/mo -100/50 Mbps- $100.00/mo -200/100 Mbps- $120.00/mo For comparison, the only internet plan currently available at your apartment complex is 3/0.9 Mbps for $55.00/mo.

Do you offer home phone service?

Yes! Details can be found here.

Do you offer TV service?

We do not offer TV service, however many of our customers are saving $100+ per month by switching to streaming TV. A lot of people confuse streaming TV with video library services like Netflix. For the sake of this discussion, streaming TV is TV service that is nearly identical to your satellite TV service except for the fact that it comes over your iternet connection. There are a number of streaming TV providers out there, most of which offer all of the features that you are used to and then some... live local and national channels, sports channels, on-demand, DVR, multiple TV's, HD, etc... Check out: PlayStation Vue YouTube TV Hulu Live Sling TV Philo FuboTV DirecTV Now The only catch to streaming TV is that you need a fast enough internet connnection to support it. That's why those that switch to Thrive Broadband are abel to save so much money. For more information about streaming TV service, just give us a call!

Isn't our apartment complex in a contract with CenturyLink?

Per FCC reguations, no internet service provider is allowed to have exclusivity in any area. Your apartment complex is free to give permission to any internet service provider to provide service in the community.