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Stay connected to your friends and family with a clear and stable connection every time you make a call, with Thrive Phone.

Poly Home Phone, used for Thrive Broadband's home phone service

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Why Thrive Phone?

Here's What You Get

With Thrive Phone, you're going to love your home phone service


Features you expect, plus voicemail-to-email and advanced call forwarding.

Unlimited Calling

Unlimited calling to the US and Canada is included.

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Keep Your Number

Bring your existing number from another carrier for no charge.

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Works During Outages

Backup battery included to ensure that you can always make calls.

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Personalized Service

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience possible.

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No Credit Check

Signing up with Thrive Broadband is quick and easy.

Better Home Phone

Advanced, Easy-To-Use Features

Thrive Phone offers a traditional home phone experience with several advanced features included that most other services do not offer.

Spam Call Prevention
Caller ID
Call Waiting
3-Way Calling
Backup Battery
E911 Support
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Thrive Phone Pricing

Upgrade to Thrive Phone, Keep Your Number

Thrive Phone has the most features, best call quality and reliability at the best price. We outperform the leading phone services on call-quality and reliability because calls go over our all-fiber voice network.

Thrive Phone

Fiber-powered home phone
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about fiber home phone service from Thrive Broadband

Will fiber phone service work with my existing home phone?

Yes, and you can keep your number and calling features.

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Will fiber phone service work in a power outage?

Thrive Phone may include a backup battery, depending on market and plan selection. If you choose a plan that comes with a backup battery, your phone service will stay up and running, even during a power outage. Contact customer support to learn more about backup options in your area.  

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Can I make and receive calls to/from other countries?

Thrive Phone service includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada. By default, calling to/from other countries is blocked. However, if you would like to make or receive calls to/from other countries, reach out to customer support for pricing.

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Can I keep my phone number?

Yes! Porting your existing phone number to Thrive Broadband is free.

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Can I call 911 with fiber phone service?

Absolutely! If you ever have to call 911, we automatically send your number and location to the operator.

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Which calling features are included?

We include all of the usual features: call waiting, caller ID, call waiting ID, voicemail, 3-way calling, call forwarding, etc. We also include voicemail-to-email service free of charge!

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Backup battery included with select plans in select markets.